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In 1949 Lawrence Molland wrote A History of the Parish of Winkleigh in the County of Devon, a beautifully handwritten and illustrated volume which is now in the County Studies Library in Exeter. A copy of the book is on display in the Gidleigh Chapel of All Saints Church, Winkleigh. Molland covers the well researched history of Winkleigh and surrounding area from the Domesday entry and gift of the village by William the Conqueror to his queen, Matilda. There are knights and squires, intrigue and corruption, wild animals and domestic disputes; all the ingredients of an epic tale of rural life.

A photo-copied version - unfortunately only in monochrome but nevertheless complete - has been scanned and can be accessed from the following list of contents.  For those who would wish to make specific searches of the entire work, click here for a transcribed version.

A History of the Parish of Winkleigh

In the County of Devon

By Lawrence Molland

Introduction and Contents

Chapter 1          The Parish of Winkleigh
Chapter 2          Flora and Fauna
Chapter 3          Etymology
Chapter 4          Winkleigh from Earliest Times
Chapter 5          The Religious History of the Parish
Chapter 6          Winkleigh Parish Church
Chapter 7          Other Places of Worship
Chapter 8          Winkleigh People
Chapter 9           Social Changes
Chapter 10         Folklore and Customs
Chapter 11         Winkleigh’s Bread and Butter
Chapter 12         Amenities of Today
Appendices        Tables, Maps
Chapters 1-3
Chapter   4
Chapter   5
Chapters  6-8
Chapters  9-12