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Stagecoach 5B

Turner 648
Carmel 647
Regular Bookings

Contact Alan Jacobs on 01837 83895, Tony Byrne on 01837 682797 or wincat.bookings@hotmail.co.uk

Facilities   Large Hall 8.00 per hour size approx 52' x 19'
  Small Hall 4.50 per hour size approx 27' x 17'
  Kitchen 3.50 per hour.  Off the large hall and accessed by the door at the front.  Electric urns, kettle and cookers and some very basic china.  Preparation time 2 per hour.
  Toilets Off the entrance hall area
  General Stacking plastic chairs (120) and rectangular tables available.


WEEKLY Tuesday Main Room 8.00-10:00pm Winkleigh Morris (Oct-Apr)
  Wednesday Main Room 9.00-11.00am Village Mini Market
    Small Room
& Kitchen
9.30-10.30pm Fund-raising Coffee Morning
    Main Room 7.00-8.00pm Kung Fu
  Thursday Main Room 10.00-2.00am Art Class
  Friday Small Room 10.00-11.00am Yoga                                                                      
2nd & 4th
Main Room 2.30-4.30pm Friendship Club
MONTHLY Wednesday
1st & 3rd
Small Room 2-4pm Forget me not Friends
  Wednesday 4th Small Room 7.30-10.00pm Parish Council meeting
  Saturday Small Room 10.00-4.00pm Taw Valley Quilters