ROLL Page 2



At the end of the Roll of Honour is a list of those who did not return and, as on the Memorial Cross, together with the two names that were omitted.  As with the names on page one of the Roll, clicking on a name will take you to the account of their history.  Names followed by -r are still being researched, and for those followed by -0 no information has been found.  Clicking on names in the Honoured Dead section at the end of the Roll will show you the information associated with the Memorial Cross page.

Lane J.T -r Glamorgan Yeomanry Palmer F Devonshire Regt.
Lendon S -r Royal Warwickshire Regt. Palmer H Royal Engineers
Letheren F Royal Army Service Corps Palmer S Devonshire Regt.
Letheren H Royal Army Medical Corps Parker E Royal Field Artillery
Longstone H.E -r Devonshire Regt. Parker F Royal Field Artillery
Lugg F -r Military Mounted Police Parker H Devonshire Regt.
Lugg G Devonshire Regt. Parker Sam. Devonshire Regt.
Lugg T -r Rifle Brigade Pinn A Devonshire Regt.
Marcer W.K Royal Air Force Reed G Royal Army Service Corps
Miller C -r Imperial Camel Corps Robins G Coldstream Guards
Miller L -r Imperial Camel Corps Saunders A.W HMS “Hope”
Mitchell A -r Royal Army Service Corps Saunders F Royal Naval Air Service
Mitchell A.W -r Devonshire Regt. Saunders G.H -r Royal Army Service Corps
Mitchell C Royal Engineers Saunders T.E.J Royal Air Force
Mitchell F -r Royal Army Service Corps Skinner S Royal Air Force
Mitchell F.A Royal Engineers Spiller C -r Devonshire Regt.
Mitchell H -r Devonshire Regt. Stapleton A.H Devonshire Regt.
Mitchell P -r Devonshire Regt. Stapleton C Royal Army Service Corps
Mitchell R Devonshire Regt. Stapleton R South Stafford Regt.
Mitchell R.G HMS “Warspite” Stevens H Devonshire Regt.
Mitchell W -r Royal Engineers Tipper A -r Royal Engineers
Molland A Royal Engineers Tipper D Devonshire Regt.
Molland H -r Royal Army Ordnance Corps Ware A Devonshire Regt.
Molland U Devonshire Regt. Ware C Devonshire Regt.
Newcombe H Royal Garrison Artillery Ware E Devonshire Regt.
Norman F Devonshire Regt. Ware W Devonshire Regt.
Ottley Revd.D.B Army Chaplain Western E North Devon Yeomanry
Ottley G HMS “Hannibal” Wright H Royal Navy
Palmer A Devonshire Regt. Stephens C H  MM Royal Army Medical Corps


Beardon Percy Davey Louis Johnson Lawrence Parker Sidney
Berry William Harris Thomas Knight Thomas Stapleton Albert
Buzzacott Albert Hammett Ernest Lugg Herbert Turner Frank
Cole George Harvey Alfred Wallace Manley Ernest George Vanstone William Charles
Darch Charles Heard Walter Medlock John Mitchell Richard
Davey Frederick William Horner Arthur Harry Mitchell William  
Davey Frederick W Jarvis Edward Molland Percy